Free Excerpt from Weapons of Praise and Worship

God has sown seeds of greatness in every human being he created. He has given us various talents, gifts and abilities that we need to succeed in life. However, the devil has two great tools that he uses on every human being to thwart and frustrate them from being what God created then to be .These are the twin tools of “Ignorance “ and “Discouragement.”

A lot of lives have been wasted and a lot of destinies have been perverted because of these tools of the devil. Ignorance and discouragement leads to failure and frustration.

Through ignorance, a lot of people are not where they should be in life. As children of the most high God, we should know our position in Christ and not allow the enemy to rob us of God’s blessings. We should not allow enemies to push us around and lord it over us. We have to stand up and let the kingdom of darkness know that we serve a powerful God. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 2 v: 11:

“Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. “

From this short verse, two things are very clear. One, Satan will take advantage of anyone that allows him to. Two, we can be ignorant of the devices of Satan, if we chose to be. Therefore, Christians should get rid of all ignorance because if they don’t, Satan will take advantage of them.

So many people are not where they are supposed to be in life. Some people were born with bright destinies. Some people are supposed to ride on horses like kings, yet they are trudging along in life whilst others are riding the horse of their lives. Some are destined to prosper and reign like kings. They are destined to be like eagles, to soar and fly to great heights, yet you find them living like chicken on the ground, unable to fly, barely pecking at the ground, looking for food. Let me tell you the story of the baby eagle.

One day, an eagle laid some eggs on a rocky crag, high up in the mountains. However, a farmer went to its nest and stole one egg. He carried it to his farm and placed it with other chicken eggs. When the eggs hatched, the baby eagle looked different from the other chicks. He was bigger and his feathers looked funny. Soon, the other chicks began to peck and harass him and won’t let him have any peace in the yard. As you can imagine, the baby eagle felt very miserable everyday because of the constant harassment. He however continued to grow strong, and with the passage of time, he grew big and strong, bigger than all the birds in the yard. Yet he continued to peck the ground for his food like a chicken. He did not know that he could fly.

One faithful day, he noticed a tall majestic bird flying in the sky. It was another eagle. Suddenly, the flying eagle called out to him and asked him what he was doing, living with chickens and pecking food off the ground. He replied that he was there because he cannot fly. The flying eagle told him to run for some distance, flap his wings that he was an eagle and he can fly.

When the baby eagle tried, at first he couldn’t fly. The other chicks laughed at him. However, he tried again and suddenly; he discovered that he could fly! He was so pleased with himself. The flying eagle then taught him how to swoop and carry away the other chickens for food! Moral of this story? You need to know who you are in life; otherwise you will continue to live a mediocre life, pecking at crumbs that come your way instead of living in dominion like the son of the King that you are.

The story of the eagle is true in real life. Some people are born as eagles and champions, kings and princes, but because they are spiritually ignorant, they are constantly harassed by the children of darkness. Forces of darkness will steal or take blessings from others. So instead of walking in dominion and enjoying the blessings of God, they remain paupers until they actually wake up from their spiritual slumber or they die. However, unknown to them, there is no premium on ignorance. Ignorance of the law or of any matter is not an excuse. Ignorance will limit some people because they cannot claim what rightfully belongs to them. Ignorance can also be a source of bondage. How can you be free when you don’t even know you are in bondage?

When so many people get to heaven, God will rebuke them because they failed to fulfill their divine destinies. The Bible says in Hosea 4:6:

“My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”